How to deal with burnout and practice self care in our every day lives

Written by Merendi Leverett on March 3rd 2022

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You hear the phrase burnout everywhere but what does it actually mean? Here’s the definition;

“Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unable to meet constant demands. Burnout can also cause long term changes to your body that make you vulnerable to illnesses like colds and flu”.

Whether you run your own business or work for an employer we are all under lots of stress. There are deadlines to meet, queries to deal with and heavy workloads. Then mix that with your personal life, spending time with family and friends, the list never ends.

Now I could approach self care from the angle of having a soak in the bath and drinking a glass of wine. That is great self care but there are bigger issues which need to be addressed. I’m a mother of five children running 3 businesses. I could easily hit burnout, but I want to address some topics which will help you in your daily life.

1. Time management

We all have twenty four hours in a day so use your time wisely. Allocate times in the day for work and family which give you breathing space. Be realistic with your time if you spend all day rushing this is definitely going to exhaust you. It’s always good to have your week mapped out so you know what needs to get done and you don’t miss anything.

2. Source work out and ask for help

I am running my business but I can’t do everything and neither can you. So hire people to help you this can be in your business or help around the house.

3. Learn to say no and stick to that (boundaries)

We often find ourselves drowning in work and then can be asked to do something else. As women we naturally want to help people and can feel very uncomfortable saying “no”. As with time management if you can’t realistically do something then this is where boundaries come in. People will respect you more by you being honest and not wasting their time.

4. Quality time alone

This can often feel impossible but it’s so important that you do this. Not just for your energy levels but for your mental health too. This can happen in many ways go for a walk, read a book, have a nap, book a beauty treatment. The list goes on but if you do what lights you up and helps you rest you will work better.

When you incorporate this into your daily life it will help you feel less stressed and stop you from getting sick. I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Enter your email address to receive more blog posts to help you create a life and business that you love.

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