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Authentic Healthpreneurs

90 days from dreaming about starting or growing your health business on your own terms.

Hey there Wonder Woman!

Do you identify with any or all of the problems below?

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Are you fed up with being told what type of clients you are going to work with and what rosters you have to work?

Do you wish you had the freedom to control the type of work you do and to be able to choose which clients you want to serve?

To make matters worse, ‘your identity’ now you have become a mum, has disappeared. 

You feel so lost and frustrated and you don’t know who you are anymore. You are asking yourself ‘is this life is good enough, am I living my life purpose?’, but you don’t know how to escape or if you are even ‘good enough’.

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As a busy health professional with a family are you juggling the 9-5 job and family commitments, and feel you are failing?

Since starting a family you realise the value of your time and the days are so much shorter, right? Do you want to choose when you work so you can spend quality time with your children and be present for their special events and milestones?

Have you realised there is more to life and that you can see yourself falling into a repetitive pattern that is going to lead to burn out? 

How do you get off this ‘merry-go-round’ of unfulfillment? This mundane health clinician mould isn’t lighting you up anymore, which is leaving you so frustrated as your relationships with your loved ones are suffering too.

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Do you have dreams and aspirations to break free and create your own unique health business,

but you have no idea where to start or if you even have what it takes to become your own health boss and make it on your own?

Becoming a health professional was about helping other people, right?

But what you didn’t realise is that in the process, you have ended up sacrificing your precious time with family and lost who you truly are as an individual. Things have to change!

Then you have come to the right place!

My amazing team and I will help you navigate and support you to build and grow your dream health business.


Is to create a supportive and uplifting community that helps guide, nurture and empower female health clinicians to remove their fears, find their inner power and step up and start their own unique and authentic health business.

OUR mission

Is to support, guide and empower female health clinicians world-wide to escape the 9-5 clinician mould and start and grow their own unique and authentic business.

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Finally, a community of

‘Authentic Healthpreneurs’!

A space for women who are over the overwhelm and ready to become their own health boss.

Inside we’ll be sharing how to:

We’d love for you to join us in this free community of health and wellness practitioners dedicated to seeing YOU succeed!

Hi, I'm Merendi Leverett

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As a multi-award winning business owner and a judge for some prestigious business awards within Australia, I know what it takes to succeed – I’ve seen it and done it all!

I have been a Business mentor for 10+ years to a variety of businesses and I am also honoured to have been asked to be an Ausmumpreneur Award Judge for the past 8 years. It’s fair to say, my work has been widely recognised by my peers!

As a result, I am regularly approached by women in all stages of their health and wellness career seeking my guidance and wanting advice to propel them forward onto greatness.

I share my knowledge and expertise with other female health clinicians who want to break away from working for someone else to owning their own successful and profitable health clinic.

Listen now to my authentic healthpreneur podcast 🎙

In this podcast Merendi will also share hints and tips on how to be successful whilst remaining authentic when it comes to running a health business. This podcast aims to inspire and educate you on all you need to know about starting, growing and pivoting in business as a health clinician.

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